British ISIS fighter urges ‘bloodbath’ in the West

omar-hussain-bloodbathA British fighter with the terror group Islamic State has called for supporters in the UK to carry out retaliatory terrorist attacks.

The appeal urges followers to give non-Muslims “a bloodbath” and to carry out bomb attacks “in every direction”.

It was written by Omar Hussain, who used to work as a security guard at Morrisons before he fled to Syria in 2013.

Hussain, from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, is believed to be near the top of an MoD kill list due to his involvement in recruitment, funding and inciting terror attacks in the UK.

His call was circulated on ISIS-linked social media accounts and is called “Slaughtering The Kuffar [non-Muslims] In The West”.

It is written in the form of a poem and criticises Muslims for abandoning jihad while ISIS is under attack in its strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

He says: “So rise up my brother, and make the kafir pay.

“Let him choke on his own blood, and suffocate to death.

“Watch the kafir die and, breath his last breath.”

Hussain, who is 30 and a convicted sex offender, adds: “Let the cries of the Kafirs, reach the skies.

“Rip his heart out and, watch him die…

“Give them a blood bath, that their [sic] waiting for”.

As well as bombings, the appeal mostly focuses on inciting others to carry out so called “lone wolf attacks”, including random acts of violence and stabbings.

It echoes calls made by ISIS’s former head of external operations, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, who was killed in a drone missile attack on 30 August.

Hussain suggests stamping on a victim’s head, crushing their skull with a brick, and beheading people with a chainsaw.

The call appears to have been issued in an effort to inspire retaliatory attacks in the UK in response to the ongoing assault to re-take Iraq’s second city of Mosul from ISIS.

The supermarket jihadi promises that “we will fight to the death” and calls for attacks on crowds by driving cars into them and carrying out stabbing rampages.

In December, Hussain published a 26-page guide which exhorts people to either travel abroad to wage jihad or kill non-Muslims in their home countries.

It contains sections called “Steal Money Off The Kuffar/Send Donations To The Mujahidin”, “Kill The Kuffar In Their Own Land”, “Killing Women And Children”, and “Surrendering to the Police VS Fighting To Death”.

In October 2014, featured in an official ISIS recruitment video in which the then Prime Minister David Cameron a “despicable swine”.

He also called Britain a “filthy and despicable country” and branded military personnel as “cowards”.

Hussain has recently been revealed to be behind a fundraising drive that is funnelling cash from ISIS supporters in the UK to Syria via high street money transfer services.

He was convicted of sexual assault after he was caught on CCTV at the age of 21 as he cycled up to a woman in the street and fondled her breasts.

Hussain studied to teach English as a second language before he travelled to Syria with another man from High Wycombe in December 2013.

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