British Nazis reach a million on social media

national-action-flagA British neo-Nazi group which advocates murder could be reaching an audience of over a million people using social media accounts.

National Action has been using Twitter accounts to attract new members and threaten deadly violence against Jews, the LGBT community and ethnic minority groups.

An investigation revealed that it has built-up a following of nearly 5,000 front-line supporters on the network.

The group has been compared to the Hitler Youth movement of Nazi Germany, as it targets young people and has been described as one of the fastest growing far-right groups in the country.

Some of the accounts openly suggest that Jewish people in Britain should be gassed to death and the bodies burnt in ovens like in Nazi death camps during the Second World War.

One leading activist, who was based in Yorkshire, suggested that he was planning to stab Jews and used the Nazi flag in his profile picture.

His account, along with five others, was was recently suspended by Twitter but others remain active.

The probe identified 18 key Twitter timelines, which included one umbrella national account, six run by regional branches, and 11 operated by leading activists.

They had 4,928 supporters in total who are in turn potentially promoting propaganda to many thousands of their own followers.

The group consists of the eight regional branches covering the UK, though the South West and East Anglia wings did not have Twitter pages and appeared to be the least active.

The North West branch had the most support with 29.2% of regional Twitter followers, with London on 21.3% and the Midlands with 17.4%.

Scotland came next on 15.9%, followed by Yorkshire on 10.3% and the North East on 5.8%.

NA is believed to have a core of 100 members who are willing to be seen in public, but the numbers show how it has been able to use social media to greatly amplify the impact of its hate-filled messages.

It has already been blamed for one murder: NA member Zack Davies was jailed for life in September last year for trying to behead an Asian man in a Tesco store.

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  1. Neil Doyle says:

    The group is due to be officially proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the government on 16 December.

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