Interview with an Al-Nusra Front commander

An English transcript of an Al Jazeera TV interview with a commander of the Syrian insurgent group Jabhat Al-Nusra has been published on jihadist websites. What is Jabhat Al-Nusra?

Abu Fatima Al-Halabi: We say and success is from Allah, it is a banner of Tawhid that was carried by men who knew the obligation of defending Islam and Muslims and the necessity of supporting the oppressed which the states which its religion is money, and its Qibla are interests, and their doctors are merchants of war piled on them so they were closer to the Syrian people when they were abandoned and they said to the Muslims in Syria your blood is our blood, and your money is our money.

J: There is an ambiguity in the Syrian street regarding the goals of Jabhat Al-Nusra, how do the leaders of the think?

A.F.H: We are obvious men and want to deal with transparency and sincerity with our brothers in all areas, we aren’t as being portrayed by media outlets that devoted its capabilities to distort our image that we are against discussion and dialogue and that we aren’t open to the other opinion and that we don’t accept to sit with those whom we disagree with, and that is underestimation for those who follow them, and some of them portray us as that we have come from the mountains and eat Human flesh and don not smile and aren’t merciful to anyone and we don’t love the people and know only the language of killing.
We want to tell all these people that Allah have given us a lot of success, Alhamdulillah our men are from all classes of society they include engineers, doctors, teachers, businessmen and from all the elites of the society, we accept the other and dialogue with him and turn a blind eye on some of the mistakes in order to reach compatibility and public interest.

J: Why do you use the word “Muslims” and not the “Syrian people” and how do you categorize the Syrian people?

A.F.H: The Syrian people are mostly Muslim and we fight to defend the Muslims of the Syrian people and give blood and hundreds of martyrs and we didn’t see anyone from these other sects gave blood to defend the members of his sect from this criminal regime which didn’t differentiate between Muslim and non-Muslim.

J: How does the Front view the other sects of the Syrian people and the mechanism of dealing with them? And that is the most important question which the world wants to know its answer very clearly?

A.F.H: We agreed Insha’Allah to be clear and sincere from the beginning of the interview, we say our religion is a religion of mercy not only to the Muslims but to all the people of the earth and we promise non-Muslims that we will deal with them with what pleases Allah Almighty and according to the teachings of the Islamic Sharia and especially does who didn’t raise arms in the face of the Muslims and didn’t work to strengthen the regime.

J: Why are you portrayed that you will be the only obstacle in the face of democracy after the fall of the regime and what is your view towards democracy and the ruling system in Syria?

A.F.H: If it was meant by democracy freedom, justice and dignity that you want through them to get rid of oppression and lift the injustice on humanity then it is known that the Islamic Sharia ensure and guarantee the justice desired by all the members of society.

As for the ruling system that we aspire certainly we do not want to implement secularism on a society where the majority are Muslims, but it is weird that some who drawls about democracy promotes for a Western system imported from an ecclesiastic society to implement it on the Muslim majority?

J: What is your concept for the Islamic state?

A.F.H: It is a state not as being touted that it is backward and will return the society to the stone ages but we want to present a model of an Islamic state of upscale advanced civilization that seeks to upgrade the society economically and scientifically and keep the foundations of the state of necessary specialties needed to meet the needs of the society like the ministry of local administration and the ministry of education and the ministry of economy and the ministry of health and the ministry of interior and the ministry of defense and the ministry of information … Etc..

J: Is your state as being portrayed by the West that it will cut hands, stone and lash?

A.F.H: Allah Almighty is more merciful to his slaves to keep the texts of penalties in the Western constitutions, since in their constitutions there is who conducts death penalty with electrocution and some of them are proud of a revolution that conducted beheadings using the guillotines and some legislate laws for the prisoner to remain in a solitary confinement for life and considers himself adherent to human rights and we for example in the desired just Islamic state Allah Almighty permitted for us to cease the implementation of Sharia Hudud in the time of war due to His wisdom and mercy to His slaves so if the constitutionalists contemplate only in that they would have known the extent of mental deficiency and ignorance that they are in, and we believe that the rulings of Hudud and Qisas are the most merciful rulings on the Islamic society even if some think that they are harsh on the individual but its benefit is to the public.

J: In conclusion is there a word to the Syrian people?

A.F.H: We want to say to them to differentiate between who gives blood to support the Muslims and who exploits their blood to reach to power and we conclude with the saying of the Almighty: (O ye who believe! Be careful of your duty to Allah, and be with the truthful) 119 Surah At-Taubah.

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