ISIS leaders are pushing for attacks in Europe

lone-wolves-kitchenIslamic State leaders in Raqqa in Syria are using an encrypted social media channel to incite and enable terrorist attacks in Europe.

It is believed to be linked to ISIS’s intelligence and security apparatus and circulating bomb-making instructions and weapons manuals.

Messages are urging supporters to mount attacks against oil and gas targets, as well as advertising a separate channel to report suspected spies in Raqqa.

The aim seems to be to train fanatics to use explosives to carry out so-called lone wolf attacks that will garner huge media coverage.

The channel includes numerous links to instructions on making explosives, manuals on how to build networks and maintain security behind enemy lines, plus guides explaining how to make homemade grenades.

One link pointed to repository of 37 different documents that covered the entire spectrum of operating successfully as a terrorist cell leader.

One message on the channel said: “…your operations will be messages to the Americans and the British and the Europeans and the fools who dare to follow them”.

Another said: “In every state of the United States of America and all the provinces of Britain and all the towns and cities and villages in the European Union…

“kill hundreds and thousands of them to make them think before mocking the Prophet, peace be upon him.”

Another One of the bomb-making guides recommends an explosive used by the 7/7 Tube bombers and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to bring down an airliner with a bomb hidden in his underwear on Christmas Day 2009.

After giving instructions on how to combine the ingredients to best effect, it says: “…this mixture was used in London and used by the Nigerian on the plane”.

A video suggests that small detonator containing the explosive could be used to set fire to oil and gas storage tanks.

One guide featured a downloadable manual about how to make bomb detonators and a picture of the bomb which is said to have brought down Metrojet Flight 9268 over northern Sinai on 5 August 2014, killing 224 people.

Several posts warned that major news from Egypt would be forthcoming in the days preceding the suicide bomb attack on the All Saints cathedral in Cario, which killed 25 people.

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