Militants claim China attacks

Turkistan Islamic Party fighters

Turkistan Islamic Party fighters

The Turkistan Islamic Party has released a video in which a leader of the group claims responsibility for terrorist attacks in China.

One scene shows two masked men firing weapons before one of them delivers a speech to the camera.

The entire video runs for five minutes and fifty-six seconds.

A full English translation of the speech is shown below.

The Harvest of the military operation of the East Turkestan Islamic Party for the Year 2009

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

“Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people (Surah At Tawbah 14)”

Peace and blessings of Allah on the Prophet of Allah,
To proceed

The Harvest of the military operation of the East Turkestan Islamic Party against the Communist Chinese for the Year 2009-

After the Mujahideen of the East Turkestan Islamic Party performed successful Jihadi operations against the Beijing Olympics 2009 inside China and East Turkestan, and Allah guided some of the brothers to perform some Jihadi operations in 2009 against the communist Chinese that claims “We have (setup) a snare in the sky and on land a trap” and as its security maneuvers have reached their limit and as a result of these military operations, the Mujahideen have gained confidence and experience and have developed a suitable climate to perform operations in the future.

The security politics of China that is called “Severe torture against the terrorists” has increased the alertness and attention of the Mujahideen and has incited them to search and seek the most efficient, new and innovative ways to perform military operations against China… and the continuation of the Chinese atrocities on the oppressed Muslim people has been the reason for the increase in hatred of the Mujahideen for them and the determination to go on on the way of Jihad until they die, and especially the massacre of the communist Chinese on 5th of July 2009 was the reason for the Mujahideen to perform unique and special operations in a vengeful manner which caused the Chinese some political, economical and moral losses

And I remind you of some of the military operations of the Mujahideen in the year 2009 inside China and East Turkestan –

1- On the 5th of July the Mujahideen defended their brothers who did not have a single scrap of metal in their hands when they faced an apparent massacre at the hands of the Chinese who were armed with swords, sticks and iron rods
2- On the 12th of July the Mujahideen exploded bombs in the oil company of Lashgua in the Urumgi city
3- On 15th of July the Mujahideen exploded bombs in a chemical workshop in the city of Yanshi in Hineen district
4- On 12 of August the Mujahideen exploded bombs in the residential building of the Chinese in Qarmai city
5- On September the Mujahideen exploded bombs in the chemical workshop of the city of Lini in the district of Shandonagh
6- On 15th of September the Mujahideen attacked a company in a city of the Sajon district causing huge losses in it
7- On 28th September the Mujahideen exploded bombs in the restaurant by the name of Uyghur in Beijing
8- The Mujahideen continued their special and successful operations causing unrest amongst the Chinese especially in the internal Mongolia and in the city of Tiyon Shanshi and in Unin and in Urumgi

And in the end, aiding the Muslims of East Turkestan and the liberation of their land is an obligation on every Muslim especially the Muslims of East Turkestan

We pray to Allah to protect and grant victory to our Mujahideen brothers who are steadfast on operations against the Chinese in order to fulfill their duty and to spare them the evil of the enemies

O the Muslims of Turkestan know that these Mujahideen are the ones who sacrifice for the Muslims of East Turkestan and its heroes

So O the heroes of the Muslim East Turkestan stand up and perform vexing operations against the Chinese to free the oppressed people of Turkestan.

We pray to Allah to reveal guided victory on all our brothers at all times Ameen
And Allah is capable over his affairs but most people know not

Military commander- Shaikh Saifullah (May Allah preserve him)
Muharram 1431

Sawt Al Islam

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