Terror cases fill courts

Yesterday saw the conviction of Munir Mohammed, from Derby, and Rowaida El-Hassan, from London, of attempting to build a TATP-based bomb to be used in a Christmas terror attack.

Six people were also charged with being members of the banned neo-Nazi group National Action.

Other cases coming up over the coming month include:

* The trial of two teens who accused of trying to join IS in Syria - Ahmedeltigani Alsyed, 19, from Hounslow in London, and another who cannot be named.

* Shafi Mohammed Saleem, 28, from east London, is due to be sentenced after pleading guilty to posting pro-Islamic State messages on Instagram.

* A 17-year-old, who planned an ISIS-inspired vehicle attack and researched a Justin Bieber concert in Cardiff, is to be sentenced at Birmingham Court.

* Britain First supporter Marek Zakrocki, 48, is due to be sentenced for driving at an Asian curry house owner.

* Four men - Umar Haque, Abu Mamun, Muhammad Abid, and Nadeem Patel – are due for trial for allegedly planning terror attacks in the UK, with one charge relating to possession of a firearm.

* The trial Sajid Idris, 34, from Cardiff, who has been charged with four terrorism offences.

* A plea hearing for alleged Parsons Green tube attacker Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ali.

* A preliminary hearing involving Andy Star, 31, and Farhad Salah, 22, who are accused of planning a Christmas terror attack.

* A plea hearing for Adam Wyatt, 48, from Salford in Greater Manchester, who is accused of encouraging Islamic State-inspired violence using a Google Plus account.

* Ethan Stables from Cumbria is accused of far-right terrorism and is to face trial on charges related to threatening to kill people at a Gay Pride event.

* Iftikhar Ali, 19, from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, is due to be sentenced after being found guilty of disseminating terrorist publications.

* The trial of alleged Finsbury Park terror attacker Darren Osborne.

* A plea hearing Warren Sneddon, 44, from Welwyn Garden City, on terror charges that include possession of explosives and a firearm.

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