Pensioners execute prisoners in ISIS video

is-zur-child-fighters-syriaIslamic State has resorted to relying on OAPs and child soldiers to defend its crumbling caliphate, a new video suggests.

A propaganda video entitled “These Are My Forefathers” includes scenes of gruesome executions and children fighting in battle.

One shows four elderly ISIS fighters murdering captives with Second World War era bolt-action rifles.

Four prisoners are seen kneeling on the ground with their hands ties behind their backs before they are executed one by one.

Each has the barrel of a rifle forced into his mouth before being shot.

The OAP executioners are presented as being the fathers of ISIS fighters who had died in battle and were gaining revenge for their deaths.

It went on to show children training with automatic assault rifles and undertaking drill practice in a courtyard.

One child is seen manning an anti-aircraft gun mounted on the back of a pickup truck.

Subsequent footage shows another in battle on the front line and second with a bandaged and apparently injured arm.

It is believed that the 16-minute video was shot near the city of Deir ez-Zur, close the Syria-Iraq border.

The video admonishes parents who do not send their children to fight with ISIS.

It includes an interview with Abu Anwar al-Shami, who is the father of four sons who died fighting for “the mujahideen”.

He explains how one of them approached him and said it was his time to undertake a “martyrdom operation”.

Al-Shami said accepted it and took him to see his mother, who walied and said: “Go ahead my son, meeting Allah is better than being with me.”

The official ISIS production also includes shots filmed from a drone of fighters gathering in the desert.

Others show images of dead ISIS fighters, who are lauded as “martyrs”.

The video emerged as reports claimed that ISIS had started moving heavy military equipment from besieged Mosul in northern Iraq across the border into Syria.

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