9:54 Teen admits exploding kangaroo plot

Sevdet Ramadan Besim has pleaded guilty to planning to behead a police officer in Australia.

He also admitted planning to attached explosives to a kangaroo in an attack an ANZAC Day parade on April 25 2015.

9:43 Anti-ISIS raids in Turkey

Turkish police have raided suspected ISIS cells in Istanbul and Izmir.

Counter-terrorism police and special forces officers carried out raids in several low-income neighborhoods of Istanbul, including Pendik, Basaksehir and Sultanbey, it has been reported.


8:00 ISIS bribe case in Australia

The father of an Australian ISIS fighter has appeared in court to face a charge of paying a US$1m bribe for building contracts in Iraq.

7:56 ISIS raids in India

13 ISIS suspects have been detained in raids in Hyderabad in India.

7:52 Pakistan Taliban attack claim

The Pakistan Taliban has claimed the killing of four police officers in Balochistan.

7:49 ISIS militants killed in Afghanistan

An operation by Afghan troops in eastern Nangahar province is said to have resulted in the deaths of 88 ISIS militants in 48 hours.

0:22 Istanbul death toll “at least 50”

0:10 31 now feared dead in Istanbul

The Istanbul Ataturk Airport attack toll rises to 31 killed, 147 injured.


22:17 Three bombers suspected in Istanbul

Three suicide bombers are now believed to have struck Istanbul’s airport and the number of wounded has been put at 60.

22:13 Istanbul death toll now 28

The governor of Istanbul said the death toll following the attack on Ataturk Airport has risen to 28.

20:58 Ten reported dead in Istanbul airport attack

20:51 40 feared injured in Istanbul

40 people are reported injured so far in Istanbul and two suicide bombers suspected.

Gunfire has been heard in the car parking area.

20:48 Live video from Istanbul

20:45 Explosions and gunfire at Istanbul airport

At least two explosions and gunfire have been heard at Ataturk Airport in Turkey.

More soon.

12:31 Video – Coalition sir strike in Mara in Syria


13:45 Iraqi drones pound ISIS in Fallujah

13:42 Islamic State claims Pakistan assassination

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the murder of Pakistan government official Nawab Khan Safi in Peshawar.

11:50 Terror plotter facing jail

Remembrance Day terror plotter Nadir Syed is due to be sentenced today.

He was found guilty at his trial last year found and was inspired to act after listening to a speech by Islamic State spokesman Abu Mohammad Al-Adnani.


23:46 Video of fighting in Palmyra from behind ISIS lines

20:40 Video of Coalition air strikes around Manbij, Syria

14:56 Claimed aftermath of an air strike in Raqqa yesterday


11:05 Iraqi forces recapture Fallujah

Iraqi state television has announced that Faluujah’s government building has been re-taken from from ISIS.


14:29 MP attack suspect arrested

A 52-year-old man has been arrested following the shooting of Jo Cox MP, according to West Yorkshire Police.

14:22 MP Jo Cox ‘critical’

The Labour MP Jo Cox is reported to be in a critical condition after being shot and stabbed during a surgery in her constituency in Birstall near Leeds in West Yorkshire.

Cox is co-chair of the Parliamentary group Friends of Syria and the hunt for her attacker is on-going.

14:21 RAF in action against ISIS in Fallujah

From the Ministry of Defence:

  • Monday 13 June – Typhoons provided air support to Iraqi forces engaged in close combat in Fallujah, striking five terrorist strongpoints.
  • Tuesday 14 June – Typhoons conducted further air attacks against Daesh positions in Fallujah, and near Qayyarah; a Reaper also attacked four targets near Qayyarah.
  • Wednesday 15 June – Typhoons destroyed seven terrorist teams during continued fighting in Fallujah.

11:27 Police killed in Egypt attack

Egypt’s interior ministry says two police officers have been killed after gunmen stormed a building in al-Arish in northern Sinai.

11:12 Rebels captured Aleppo village from ISIS

A US-backed rebel group has apparently taken the village of Tel Battal in Aleppo province from ISIS after heavy fighting.

10:59 Taliban use child sex slaves to kill Afghan police

The Taliban are using child sex slaves to mount crippling insider attacks on police in southern Afghanistan, exploiting the pervasive practice of “bacha bazi” – paedophilic boy play – to infiltrate security ranks, multiple officials and survivors of such assaults told AFP.

The ancient custom is prevalent across Afghanistan, but nowhere does it seem as entrenched as in the province of Uruzgan, where “bacha bereesh” – or boys without beards – widely become objects of lustful attraction for powerful police commanders.


10:53 Child arrested by anti-terror cops

A 15-year-old has been arrested in east London on suspicion of encouraging terrorism.

10:50 Veteran jihadist arrested in Sweden

A “very dangerous” 46-year-old ISIS jihadist was arrested at Malmo airport in Sweden on Monday.

The unnamed man, who is originally from Bosnia, was detained the the request of France.

He applied for asylum in Sweden after being detained and his application is being processed.


16:19 Belgium terror threat denial

Belgium’s Crisis Centre is reported as saying there is no evidence of a new threat to the country or potential targets named in the media today.

A Press Association alert, however, said that police have been warned that “small extremist groups could be en route to France and Belgium to stage attacks”.

11:56 France and Belgium face ‘imminent attacks’

While Dernière Heure makes no mention of specific threats to football stadiums or other targets in France, it cites more precise information on three Belgian targets. These include ” a big Brussels shopping centre, a restaurant of a American fast food chain (not localised) and a police target, such as a police station (not localised)”.


11:45 Deso Dogg ‘still alive’

A native of Berlin IS-Terrorist Denis Cuspert is otherwise messages despite apparently still alive. This was announced by the Berlin State Protection in the publication of the Constitutional Protection Report 2015 on Tuesday. Cuspert was indeed injured in combat operations, but have not been killed, said the head of the Berlin BfV, Bernd Palenda.

RBB 24


13:45 French jihadist killer had hit list

The Islamic extremist who killed a police officer and his wife in France had a hit list of VIPs, journalists, police and rappers.

10:32 Kazakhstan attackers may have been inspired by recent ISIS call

Five civilians and three servicemen died in the June 5 attack in the city of Aktobe, the deadliest in Kazakhstan since it became independent in 1991. Security forces killed 18 gunmen, some in a subsequent manhunt.

Kalmukhanbet Kasymov said the suspects had some time earlier listened to an audio address from “a so-called imam”, probably from Syria, who called for a war against unbelievers.

Daily Star (Lebanon)

9:37 – Orlando shooter’s links to Islamic hate cleric who preached in Birmingham

THE fanatical Islamic preacher thought to have inspired Orlando massacre monster Omar Mateen is backed by a British group that defended Jihadi John.

Extremism apologists CAGE asked its supporters to fund the legal fees of gay-hating Marcus Robertson as he fought terror charges in the US last year.

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