Live: Syria and Iraq

16:16 – Air strikes kills around 25 Islamic State fighters in Iraq – residents

“Coalition air strikes killed around 25 Islamic State fighters on Wednesday near the northern Iraqi city of Baiji, residents told Reuters.”

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Monday 20 October

14:25 – Germany arrests two suspected IS supporters, raids properties

“German police have arrested two men suspected of supporting Islamic State and raided properties across the country of another 13 suspected supporters of militant Islamist groups, prosecutors said on Saturday.”

Saturday 18 October

00:44 – Britain warns of ‘exceptionally high’ level of anti-terrorism activity

“British police are carrying out security investigations at an ‘exceptionally high’ pace not seen in years to disrupt potentially deadly plots directed from abroad, notably Syria, the country’s top counter-terrorism officer said on Friday.”

17 October 2014

19:19 – Coalition hits ISIS hard in Kobani; militants keep pushing

“ISIS appears to have gained more ground in Iraq. Islamic State fighters surrounded one of Iraq’s largest air bases Tuesday, a police captain in Anbar province and other security sources told CNN. The militants are preparing to launch an attack on Ein Al-Assad military airbase, which is halfway between Hit and Haditha, said Anbar police Capt. Omar Mohamad Hanin.”

15 October 2014

14 October 2014

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