11:17 Video shows Coalition air strike in Manbij in Syria

10:34 France hostage situation over

Two men armed with knives who held hostages in a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in France have been shot dead.

One hostage is believed to have been killed: the church priest who had his throat cut.


22:51 30 people reported killed in an apparent attack in Nice



14:00 European terror map

This is a density analysis of locations featured in investigations into Islamic State attacks in Paris and Brussels, as well as suspected attacks in Turkey.

EU terror map


12:02 Satellite images show IS oil production

A interesting video here, illustrating the difficulty of tackling IS’s improvised oil refineries:


9:54 Teen admits exploding kangaroo plot

Sevdet Ramadan Besim has pleaded guilty to planning to behead a police officer in Australia.

He also admitted planning to attached explosives to a kangaroo in an attack an ANZAC Day parade on April 25 2015.

9:43 Anti-ISIS raids in Turkey

Turkish police have raided suspected ISIS cells in Istanbul and Izmir.

Counter-terrorism police and special forces officers carried out raids in several low-income neighborhoods of Istanbul, including Pendik, Basaksehir and Sultanbey, it has been reported.


8:00 ISIS bribe case in Australia

The father of an Australian ISIS fighter has appeared in court to face a charge of paying a US$1m bribe for building contracts in Iraq.

7:56 ISIS raids in India

13 ISIS suspects have been detained in raids in Hyderabad in India.

7:52 Pakistan Taliban attack claim

The Pakistan Taliban has claimed the killing of four police officers in Balochistan.

7:49 ISIS militants killed in Afghanistan

An operation by Afghan troops in eastern Nangahar province is said to have resulted in the deaths of 88 ISIS militants in 48 hours.

0:22 Istanbul death toll “at least 50”

0:10 31 now feared dead in Istanbul

The Istanbul Ataturk Airport attack toll rises to 31 killed, 147 injured.


22:17 Three bombers suspected in Istanbul

Three suicide bombers are now believed to have struck Istanbul’s airport and the number of wounded has been put at 60.

22:13 Istanbul death toll now 28

The governor of Istanbul said the death toll following the attack on Ataturk Airport has risen to 28.

20:58 Ten reported dead in Istanbul airport attack

20:51 40 feared injured in Istanbul

40 people are reported injured so far in Istanbul and two suicide bombers suspected.

Gunfire has been heard in the car parking area.

20:48 Live video from Istanbul

20:45 Explosions and gunfire at Istanbul airport

At least two explosions and gunfire have been heard at Ataturk Airport in Turkey.

More soon.

12:31 Video – Coalition sir strike in Mara in Syria


13:45 Iraqi drones pound ISIS in Fallujah

13:42 Islamic State claims Pakistan assassination

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the murder of Pakistan government official Nawab Khan Safi in Peshawar.

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